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Astor Defence

M19A1 Ammunition Container

M19A1 Ammunition Container

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M19A1 Ammunition Container in use by NATO and the US Department of Defence


MILSPEC MIL - DTL 3060G Compliant


100% Air & Watertight

UN Rated to 35kg load

Handle load tested to 150kg

Hasp Load tested to 500kg

High-density synthetic rubber gasket seal, Grade 4, Class A, Type A, MILSPEC Compliant, ASTM D2000

DC01 Carbon steel construction

Corrosion-proof zinc phosphate undercoat

Powder-coated, minimum 80 microns thick

Passes 96hrs of salt corrosion test


Height: 7"

Length: 11"

Width: 4"

Weight: 1.7kg

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